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A new project totally Made in Romagna for the knitwear couturier

An artist’s gesture should act as ‘chaos’ in the orderly plot of everyday life, or as writer J. Mayorga puts it, it should be “a mine ready to explode”.

And it is with the same disruptive force that the designer Mirco Giovannini launches Atelier Folleria: a new manifesto, where the obsession with beauty and well-made takes on ever-changing forms, with a single constant: the thread.

Romagnolo by birth and by poetic choice, attached to his land with the passion that distinguishes its weft and warp, the eclectic Mirco Giovannini could only entrust the project of his relaunch to a fellow compatriot, the entrepreneur and friend Gianluca Marchetti, with whom he founded MG ATELIER, the new luxury women’s knitwear label, signed “Mirco Giovannini Atelier Folleria”.

Mirco Giovannini has always chosen the shirt as an atom of his cosmogony. Knit not only as a fabric, but as a philosophy imbued with his proverbial inventiveness and craftsmanship built up, special stitch after special stitch, during his extraordinary professional career. This is why his creations are unique: garments designed, studied and prototyped until they reach perfection.

“I was inspired by the volumes of the 50s, with forays into the futurism of the 2000s to create my balloon dress, a magical blend of light yarns and technical and luminescent fibers” says the designer, talking about the iconic piece of the KNITCOUTURE capsule. Dresses, bomber jackets, cardigan … a succession of subtleties, from the fantasy effect to the organza, from the iridescent yarn to the almost non-existent light plissé, from the colored accessories to the use of fishing line to create three-dimensional volumes, up to the transparent chiffon effect.

You have to be on the verge of madness to imagine combining noble yarns such as silk with technical yarns such as those of sneakers, to build new architectures, sculpt forms that can tell the advent of a new femininity. But it is also and above all a question of profane genius.

Mirco Giovannini challenges the structure of the yarns to build new knit textures. And here comes capsule collections that tell parallel worlds, but capable of dressing a woman who loves luxury as much as gambling.

This is the case of KARMASUTRA, the gender fluid capsule that enhances the union between the sacred and the profane. Adding a pinch of folly to the theme of love. Two kimonos and two crewnecks are intertwined in a double-sided game made of black and white, jacquard workmanship with inlay of those positions that speak of the meeting of souls, – karma – held together by a thread made of stories, lives and tales – sutra.

With the CLOUDS capsule, the universe of shirts is explored endlessly, a pure exercise in enhancing femininity, through the union of the thinnest and most ethereal voille with the pure and noble silk thread. Knitted on very thin frames and worked on shaved panels or iridescent pleated effect by a small track in luminescent and iridescent links.

Large “T” shapes with kimono sleeves and balloon sleeves, tuxedo bibs made of micro and macro folds in voille fabric and knitted knit, Mirco Giovannini’s clouds become impalpable and ready to fly, light as the wind.

On the other hand also visiting the headquarters of MG ATELIER in the land of bronzed wheat and companies of international importance in the fashion sector, San Giovanni in Marignano, it will seem to make a journey among worlds: modern, the cactus of 5 and a half meters, fluorescent, papier-mâché zebras, glasses and open space … Everything in the Giovannini’s universe has the strength to shake us so that it is the joy of living that crowns us without ever forgetting the profound pleasure of elegance.

About Mirco Giovannini

Born in 1968 (February 16th) in Rimini. After getting the fashion degree at the Istituto Secoli in Bologna in 1990, he began collaborating with various luxury brands and companies such as Versace, La Perla and Jean Paul Gaultier. He acquired fame during the 2006 edition of the ‘Who’s on Next?’ competition and made a name for himself as a designer of luxury knitwear thanks to his remarkable sense of creativity and extensive knowledge of the ancient techniques of the artisans. After almost twenty years of experience as a designer, Mirco Giovannini has decided to make his dreams come true by launching his own line with his ‘Spring Summer 2007’ collection. Shortly, the Mirco Giovannini’s brand has become an international reality. Since then, he has been working incessantly on the construction and evolution of his brand, whose collections are born from the thread: a special, constructed, feminine knitwear, designed as haute couture.

In 2021, he renovates himself by giving birth with his entrepreneur friend Gianluca Marchetti to the Mirco Giovannini Atelier Folleria brand..

About Gianluca Marchetti

Gianluca Marchetti is an eclectic and tireless entrepreneur from Romagna. He was born in 1971 into a family of modest economic conditions. From his father, a young and dynamic entrepreneur, he inherited the spirit of sacrifice, the passion for work and for mechanics.

Tireless, he works 7 days a week, always chasing new challenges and new goals. At the of 44, following the untimely and unexpected death of his father, he became the sole Administrator of MT Marchetti and in a short time, he managed to gain the trust, even of the most skeptical people, proving his abilities.

He is constantly looking for new challenges.

His interests range and he is the sole director or consultant of several companies in very different sectors: metalworking, in which he was born and grown; fashion and design, thanks to the meeting with Mirco Giovannini; real estate sector; energy; supermarkets specialized in sales of online products; no-dig drilling and agriculture, to name a few.

There is always a new idea to be realized, a new goal, without ever forgetting the territory in which he was born and raised.

Gianluca’s contribution to the local community is mainly focused on young people.

He strongly wanted the Industry 4 School training project dedicated to 4th and 5th grade students, in order to reduce the gap between the world of school and that of work.

He personally follows the organization of the local sports association Consolini Volley and from this involvement has decided to obtain a degree in Sports Science.

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